WFR – WHOLESALE FOR RETAILER is a Bangladeshi wholesale clothing brand for a basic everyday wardrobe. The countdown begins in 2019. During this time WFR has grown to the main representative of sustainable fashion in the Bangladeshi clothing market. The brand’s assortment has increased to a full line for women, men, and children that meet the requirements of the comfort of the modern world.


Due to our own production, we produce exactly as much as our customer needs, we do not create unnecessary things and we carefully monitor the quality.


We are working with the top brands around the world using the highest quality materials.


All our products are made in our own factory. We ensure 100% safety and security of our employees.


Comfort is very much about simple and elegant fashion. We follow the trend of our regular customers and friends to develop the brand.


Our commitment is always to provide stunning, high-quality fashion products at down to earth prices. WFR offers trending fashion-forward styles, edgy, and innovative designs all delivered with a truly class-leading professional service. WFR distributes its products through a country-wide network which includes over 64 showrooms in the principal cities and over 1000 wholesalers country-wide. Today WFR is one of the leading local fashion design houses and a symbol of Bangladeshi clothing quality.


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Displays good planning and organizing skills and ensures 100% product quality. They also show a high level of team spirit. WFR provides us excellent customer service. Understands how to listen to customers and find out the details which make a
Mrs. Jane CEO - Themesky
WFR is always polite and friendly. They care about our comfort and convenience. WFR tries to provide detailed information. Always on target and on time with fulfilling tasks. Meets all deadlines and makes the best use of time.
Miss. Bonni CEO - Themesky
WFR knows very well how to keep a good relationship and communication. I look up to WFR with a high level of professional respect. Works well with us in meeting our needs and solving problems. WFR is good at keeping
Mr. Ken CEO - Themesky


Mr. John

Live Help Operator

Miss. Lina

CEO of theme-sky

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